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Report of 1862


from The Barwicker No.4 dated December 1986

John Riley, by will, dated 17th July, 19th Eliz., devised to the parson and churchwardens of Barwick in E1met, a messuage, called the Cread1e or Cradle, on the north-end of London Bridge, upon condition that they should, on every Sunday, deliver to 12 poor persons, parishioners of Barwick in Elmet, one penny loaf and one penny in money.

These premises a were sold in 1765, under the authority of an Act of the 29th George II. for improving and enlarging the passage over London bridge, for £234.6s.6d., of which the sum of £300. was laid out in the purchase of a close, called Mapple-gate Flat, containing by estimation 10A.2R.5P. in the township of Barwick; and by indentures of bargain and sale (enrolled in Chancery), dated the 2nd November 1773, the close was conveyed to Sir William Milner, bart. and five other trustees, upon trust, to pay the rents and profits to the parson and churchwardens of the parish for the time being, to the intent that they should apply the same in such manner and for such charitable purposes, as the rents and profits of the premises on London bridge were by the will directed to be applied.

There has been no subsequent conveyance of the close to new trustees.

The land is let in different parcels, by the rector and churchwardens , to Thomas Pitts, James Jackson, and John Todd, as yearly tenants, at rents, amountlng together to £14.6s. per annum, being the fair annual value.

The rent is applied as follows: - one penny and a penny loaf are given once a week to each of 18 poor widows, and the rest of the rent is distributed by the churchwardens, in the course of the year, among poor persons, in different sums, as their occasional necessities require, a preference being given to such as endeavour to subsist without parochia1 relief.

Extracts from Barwick Parish Council Minute Book (Sheepscar)

April 15th.1896. The taxes of the recipients of the charities with the sum opposite each to be entered in the minute book instead of being published on the Church and Chapel doors.

Account of Riley's Charity for 1895
Received £ s. d.
In hand from last year (1894) 3 10 0
Wm. Dickinson 1 yrs. Rent to Feb. 1896 3 13 0
Thos. Jackson 1 yrs rent to Feb.1856 4 15 0
Charles Perkin 1 yrs rent to Feb.1856 5 0 0
16 18 0
1895 12 poor persons at 2d each for the year 5 4 0
Nov. 2nd 30 poor persons 2/- each at Barwick Feast 3 0 0
Dec. 21st. 30 persons paid 2/- to 3/- on St Thomas Day. 4 15 6
Balance in hand 3 18 6
16 18 0
A list of 12 persons paid 2d weekly.
A list of 30 persons - recipients of dole at 2/-.
A list of 37 persons paid 2/- tp 3/- weekly on St. Thomas Day
Note: some persons were in both the second and third lists (Dated May 4th 1896 . Rev. Canon Hope's accounts)

Bart Hammond

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