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Barwicker No.110
June 2013

At the Society's January 2013 General Topics meeting I presented my research into the history of No. 4 and No. 6 The Boyle also described in recent Barwicker articles. At the meeting members provided additional information on the more recent history of the properties which coupled with further investigations is presented below.

No's 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18 and 20 The Boyle, a lockup shop and a large plot of land including an orchard were conveyed to Frances Threlfall and her husband John on the 22nd February 1930 from Charles Herbert Crowcroft Batty. It is now clear that Francis and Charles were cousins. Frances Threlfall (nee Walker) was the daughter of Sarah Ann Walker (nee Batty) and George Walker. Sarah Ann Batty was the sister of James Batty (1849-1915) father of Charles H.C. Batty. Further details are contained in my previous articles and a family tree opposite shows the relationships and the descent ofthe properties from the 1830s to the 1950s.

Frances Walker was born in Leeds in 1881 a twin girl with her sister Florence, her father George was a Grocer and Provisions Dealer. He died when she was just 6 and her mother Sarah Ann moved the family, then comprising three daughters, into Barwick where she had grown up, living in The Boyle, no doubt in one of the family properties. When Sarah Ann died in Barwick in 1902 the daughters dispersed, Frances and her sister Louisa went to Lancashire and there they subsequently married two brothers. Louisa married Thomas A. Threlfall in 1914 and Frances married his brother John in 1917, the brothers were both grocer's assistants.

In 1930 Frances came back to Barwick with her husband John and acquiring the Boyle properties from her cousin Charles H.C. Batty lived in one and rented the rest out. They also ran a grocers shop in what is now the fish and chip shop on the Boyle. It was a traditional shop, before the age of supermarkets, when everything was bought locally.

Historical Society members recall it sold perishable and none perishable produce, large containers or bottles held many of the goods, which were weighed out on scales and placed in paper bags. In the yard behind the shop they also ran a cafe, at one time called the Cleveland Cafe". A arrow sign board in the garden of the No. 4 The Boyle directed customers to the location.

Louisa's husband Thomas Threlfall died in 1927 and at some stage she joined her sister living in the village until her own death in 1955. John and Frances started to sell some of the Boyle properties off as single houses in the 19505. John died in 1963 and Frances in 1969; both are buried in All Saints' Churchyard.

In the 1980s the condition of a number of the properties including numbers 2 and 4 was causing considerable safety concern. It is understood they were empty and holes had appeared in the roofs. Leeds City Council acted and the necessary processes were put into effect to repair the properties.

Descent of Numbers 2,4,& 6 The Boyle 1830 - 1950's

William Batty
b. 12 Oet 1767 Barwick in Elmet
d 27 Feb 1837 Barwick in Elmet
m. 14 Feb 1791 Barwick in Elmet All Saints
Mary Bean (1st wife)
b. 1771 Barwick in Elmet
d. 27 Nov 1797 Barwick in Elmet

Ann Batty
b. 22 Apr 1791

James Batty
b. 14 Feb 1793 Barwick in Elmet
d. 14 Sep 1852 Barwick in Elmet
Purchased the properties in the 1820/I830s, The JB on the Inscription

"JB ANNO DOMINI. 1831." on
No 4 The Boyle. Apparitor of the
York Archdeacon's Court 1831-1848
John Batty (illegitimate)
b. 1816 Barwick in Elmet
d. 15 Aug 1856 Barwick in Elmet
m. 19 Jan 1846 Leeds St Peters Parish Church
Ann Dickinson
b. 1821 Barwiek in Elmet
d. Jun 1889 Barwick in Elmet


Sarah Ann Batty
b. 7 Oct 1846 Barwick in Elmet
d. Aug 1902 Barwick in EImet
m.23 Oct 1879 Whitkirk St.Marys Church
George Walker
b. 1851 Newsam Green
d. Nov 1887
James Batty
b. 23 May 1849 Potternewton, Leeds
d. 29 Apr 1915 Doncaster
m. 1880 Doncaster
Frances Crowcroft
b. 1841 Doncaster
d. 12 Sep 1928 Doneaster
Frances Walker
b 1881 Leeds
d. 8 Sep 1969 Barwick in Elmet
m. 29 Sep 1917 Ulverston Parish Church, Lancs
John Threlfall b. 1875 Loppergarth, Pennington, Lancs
d. 13 Oct 1963 Barwick in Elmet

Charles Herbert C. Batty
b. 20 May 1882 Nottingham d. 28 Jan 1953 Otley


Barwick Trip to Grange-over-Sands 1953 (possibly Mothers Union).

Left to Right. Unknown, Doris Deacon, Mrs. Gray, Canon James Gray (Rector of All Saints 1942 - 1958), Louisa Threlfall (neė Walker), Frances Threlfall (neė Walker), Liz Robshaw.
(photo courtesy of Vat Kemp granddaughter of Liz Robshaw.)

An Update to this article -

Barwicker No.111 page 16.

Additional information came to light.

It is now clear that in the 1980's No. 2 The Boyle did not fall into disrepair and was not subject to the enforcement action mentioned by Leeds City Council.

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