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The Barwickians' Golfing Society:
The first two years.

Barwicker No.125
Winter 2017

It was at a meeting at The Institute in Barwick on Monday, 23rd February, 1959, that a discussion took place regarding the formation of a Golfing Society confined to the golfers of the village. Mr. E. Stocks was asked to take the Chair.

Mr. E.D. Holmes, seconded by Mr. T.C. Lambert, proposed that such a Society be formed 'to promote and foster golf in Barwick-in-Elmet by running competitions, matches and other events, and to encourage young men to play golf with a view to becoming members. ' Mr. W.L. Smith proposed, seconded by Mr. G.W. Walker, that the Society be named The Barwickians' Golfing Society.

Both propositions were unanimously adopted.

Membership was confined to male members who were 18 years and over, resident in the Barwick Ward (with one extension, that is from the western boundary along Leeds Road as far as Barwick Garage). The Officers and Committee were subject to annual election. It was agreed that the subscription would be ten shillings per annum, payable on 1st January.

As far as a programme for the year was concerned, the Committee decided to arrange a Spring Golf meeting at Selby in April, an Autumn meeting, an Annual Dinner at Garforth Golf Club and a Ladies evening. Garforth Golf Club was to be the headquarters of the Society.

At a Committee Meeting the following month, the first Spring meeting was arranged and 10 new members were approved. This first Spring meeting took place on 3rd May 1959 and 21 members took part.

At the 12th June Committee meeting, several members emphasized the need for confining membership to golfers only.

And it was decided to adopt a Society tie. A selection was provided by the President and eventually the chosen design was ordered from Messrs. Thresher & Glenny Ltd. The order was for 36 ties.

By October, at the Selby Golf Club meeting, all 20 members were wearing the Society tie and it was the first meeting where the President's Cup was presented and the winner was Mr. J.C. Stocks.

One recurring problem in the first year was the difficulty in persuading members to confirm their attendance at the various golf meetings and functions. It was emphasized that it was impossible to make arrangements for food etc. if the correct number was unknown. This problem was raised in October 1959, February 1960 and June 1960. No solution was forthcoming! However, at the AGM in February 1961, the Hon. Secretary 'expressed pleasant surprise at the prompt way in which members had responded to the last circular'.

The first Ladies Evening was held on 23rd March 1960 at the Mansion, Roundhay. Tickets were 21 shillings each and evening dress was to be worn. There is no mention in the subsequent Committee meeting as to how the evening went.

The June Committee meeting was held at Elmwood House, the home of the Captain, Dr Smith who announced his intention of donating a trophy to be played for annually as the Captain's Cup.

The remainder of the Committee meetings in 1960 were taken up with arrangements for the Autumn meeting, the AGM and the Ladies evening, and long discussions took place on the resolutions to be put before the AGM to amend the Articles of Association including limiting membership of the Society to 40 with any future applicant having to be a member of a Golf Club with preference given to Garforth Golf Club members. This was passed at the AGM in February 1961.


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