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1841 Barwick-in-Elmet Parish Valuation

 Digitized and indexed by the Barwick in Elmet Historical Society. Reproduced with permission of the West Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds, WYL115/MA/add/17 & WYL115/XA/12/1 ( 

In 1841 a full valuation of all the property and lands within the Parish of Barwick-in-Elmet was completed. A copy survives amongst the Gascoigne papers in the West Yorkshire Archives. Whilst earlier Parish valuation also survive this is the first one where the accompanying map also survives, allowing easy identification of all places. The ancient Parish boundaries were then much larger than today and included the villages of Barwick, Scholes and large parts of Manston, Cross Gates and the hamlets of Kiddal, Potterton, Morwick, Stanks, Lazencroft as well as Whinmoor, Swarcliffe, Brown Moor (now Thorpe Park) and even parts of Red Hall, Hobberley and Bramham Park including Terry Lug.

The valuation has over 1,700 entries, ranging from a small garden to large fields and from small cottages and farm buildings to large mansions such as Morwick or Potterton Hall. For each entry there is listed the owner, the occupier (if different), the size of the plot, if a field what type of cultivation, a valuation as well as a name or description. The Historical Society has digitized the owners, the occupiers, the descriptions and the map references allowing quick and easy identification of entries.

Three copies of our index are available, sorted by surname of owner, surname of occupier and by map reference. Once within an index please use CTRL-F to use a search function to find entries. Please note that in most instances the index is as per the original valuation and modern spellings of names may not have been used.

A copy of one of the two surviving maps is also provided.

We hope that providing this index helps local and family historians as well as anyone with an interest in the district.

Dave Teal
Barwick-in-Elmet Historical Society
July 2024

1. Occupiers listed on the valuation are normally the head of the household.
2. First names, surnames and titles are split, so for people searches using CTRL-F use only the surname.
3. Page numbers are the page in the valuation book.
4. If you have any queries or find any errors please let us know at

The Valuation Index

Valuation - Occupiers order.
Valuation - Owners order.
Valuation - Plot number order.


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