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Coronation Day 12 May, 1937.

from Barwicker No.52

The following extracts are taken from the Barwick Parish Magazine of June 1937 and refer to the Coronation of King George VI, an event which is well remembered by those living at the time. From the County Council, local children received souvenir spoons and from the Rural District Council coronation mugs. Although the authors are not specified in the magazine it is likely that the articles were written by the Rector, the Rev. H Lovell Clark and the curate in charge at Scholes, the Rev. E V Cave. 


The special service at 6.30 on Sunday, May 9th, was well attended. There were present members of the Parish Council with their Chairman, Councillor Hemingway, Major Wood, representing the Urban District Council, the Barwick Fire Brigade, under Captain Cullen, and representatives of the British Legion. Many of the above also brought their wives. We felt that we were sharing in a great religious preparation for the solemn Coronation.

The day itself was cold and intermittently wet, but we carried through the whole programme, transferring the sports from Mr Austin's field to the main street. After the sports were well started the school was thronged, over and over again for the sittings down for tea, a sumptuous affair, thoroughly appreciated. We too had our Coronation baby born in the afternoon, whose birth was acclaimed with cheers at the second sitting down. The Chairman of the Parish Council produced his hat and made a collection which amounted to 1. This was duly banked and the bank book handed to the proud father, Mr Edmund Poulter, for his new born daughter.

The Church and Chapel were flood-lighted and the School yard illuminated. In spite of the chilly weather there was a large gathering in the School yard from 8.0pm onwards, to hear the King's Speech and then to join in dancing, community singing and games. A whist drive was arranged in the Institute, followed by a dance from 10.30 to 2.00am.

The whole day was thoroughly enjoyed. We were a happy, united and loyal village. Every credit is due to the Committee for the long and careful preparation and for the way everything was carried out.


The ease with which open-air arrangements were changed to indoor events on Coronation day owing to inclement weather gave evidence of very careful preliminary organisation by the committee, The obvious enjoyment of all taking part in the festivities must have amply repaid all the workers.

At mid-day the Coronation Queen was crowned by Mrs Miers-Gray. The dresses of the Queen and her attendants made a beautiful picture on the stage of the room in the School. The children performed Maypole and country dances giving great pleasure to those who crowded inside the room or squeezed in front of a window outside, and to themselves. With our feet in the cold outside and our head through the window, we saw the judging of a really splendid bicycle and fancy dress parade.

We all laughed at the Punch and Judy and marvelled at the dexterity of Leo the Magician. Then the children had tea in the Village Hall. The Hall was filled and so were the children! Tea for more elderly residents and those residing on the outskirts of Scholes Ward followed.

In the evening the children spent three and a half hours singing, listening to the King's Speech, playing games and eating chocolate, in the School, while adults were having a Whist Drive (48 tables) in the Village Hall. A dance followed until 2 am.

It was decided to hold the Sports in the School Field on a subsequent Saturday, June 5th.; so we are having an extra day of celebration at Scholes. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hompes on the birth of a Coronation baby.

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