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Vol  Page Tudor to Hanoverian Barwick-in-Elmet
22 All my wordly goods
54The John Rylie Bequest
34Barwick Church Registers: The Transcripts
69Please Remember the Brief
Barwick Muster Rolls
12 69Barwick Enclosure Award
1549The Story of our Roads Part 1
1666The Story of our Roads Part 2
16 75Barwick pays its Taxes 1524
18 35The Parish in 1743
20 71The Rectory in 1764 from a Barwick Terrier
20 73Catholic Recusants in Barwick 1604
21 18Employment in Barwick 1653
22 24Catholic Recusants in Barwick 1627
23 54The Barwick Hearth Tax 1672
28 63Poor Relief in Barwick Part 1 The Barwick-in-Elmet. Gilbert Incorporation
30 30Poor Relief in Barwick Part 2 Life in the Barwick Workhouse
31 43Agricultural Change in Barwick Part 1 The Rector's Land
32 74Agricultural Change in Barwick Part 2. The Open Fields
3425A Great Pluralist
3679A Tragic death
46 28The Tenants of Woodhouse Farm
47 43Incidents from the Parish Records
49 08The Jacobite Rising of 1745
51 48Ralph Thoresby's Journey to Barwick - 1702
52 63 The Welfare Parish in the 18th. Century
52 74Barwick Recusants of 1679
54 34Funding the Church from Local taxes
55 43The Parish's First (and only) Vehicle?
55 53The Queen's Survey of Scholes Manor 1611
56 66Barwick Parish in 1700
59 50The Parish Constable in Georgian Times
61 07The Will of an 'Ordinary Woman'
61 08The History of Barnbow Part 3 The Barnbow Plot
62 27The History of Barnbow Part 4 The Eighteenth Century
62 35Reverend Timothy Bright Doctor, Author and Inventor of Shorthand
63 53The Parish Surveyor of the Highways by Tony Cox
65 3Vandal - Wendel? by Martin Tarpey
65 8The Vevers Family of Scholes & Potterton
69 8The Gascoigne family and the Catholic Church in the 17th and 18th centuries Part 1
74 28The Gascoigne family and the Catholic Church in the 17th and 18th centuries Part 2
72 63Dr John Scot - a 'wholly unworthy' Rector by FS Colman
76 63 Susan Hair's 'Legg' by Harold Smith
76 68 From London Bridge to Rakehill Road (with diversions) or How a House became a Field
80 74 17th Century 'Paines' in the Manor of Barwick and Scholes
80 76 Music from the Parish in early Stuart Times by Harold Smith
81 14Barwick-in-Elmet and the Civil War by Harold Smith
82 33Barwick-in-Elmet Parish's Civil War Royalist Soldiers Part 1 by Harold Smith
83 49Barwick-in-Elmet Parish's Civil War Royalist Soldiers Part II by Harold Smith
85 13The Battle of Seacroft Moor by Harold Smith
86 28Christopher Varey's Troublesome Sheep
86 36Houses in the 17th Century in the parish of Barwick in Elmet
88 75Clifford Moor by Harold Smith
92 70Vaccination, Windmills and other causes of death in 18thC Whitkirk by Tony Lonton
54Barwick Female Friendly Society 1778-1901
92 73 Barwick Female Society. An addendum by Harold Smith
10518Scholes Civil War Hoard by David Teal
10816Barwick Historic Court Cases - by David Teal A Fight in the Village during the Reign of Charles II (1669)
11016“Poor” Barwicker Timothy Smith 1791-1858 - David Teal
112 9 Reverend Robert Deane B.D. - Martin Tarpey
1174 Information from the ′Barwick cum Scholes ’ Manorial Records Widows’ rights ‐ David Teal
11710The Gascoignes and the St. Leger ‐Ray Medd
11719Marriage under Cromwell (Parish Register)
12004Intended Closure - Leeds Intelligencer 1786
12712America's architect ‐ Ray Medd
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