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In the nineteen years since we started, we have tried to run a guest book. For various reasons beyond our control each attempt has ended in failure. The latest attempt was on our own site. However it has been corrupted with increasing frequency by people using software which writes meaningless or vulgar comments. Therefore the service has been suspended. If you would like to have an entry put into the guest book email me with the entry and I will insert it into the book.(read below)


1. What a wonderful site. I used to play at Chippies Quarry as a child and then as a man I dived the Quarry. I wondered if there is any information or photographs of the quarry, workers or owners. All the best Geoff. Woodhead 8th Jan, 2009.

2. A message from Garland Texas. 21st April 2012
Thank you for this site, I love the pictures and stories.
My Settle/Suttle ancestors - with all its spellings - come from Barwick especially a William in 1588. Then my direct ancestor is Francis who emigrated to Virginia in 1657 and what a pleasure to see and read about the parish from which he came. I'm so sorry thoughtless people are keeping you from using your guestbook but bless you for allowing me to use your email to say hello and thanks!
Cleo Holden
Friends of Olde Downtown Garland
Garland, TX 75043
The website Cleo runs is fascinating. It introduces you to a totally different world from Barwick-in-Elmet - give it a try.


Unfortunately we have only been able to retrieve some of the earlier entries which are shown in a separate file. We are sorry that, because of circumstances beyond our control, the entries from have been lost.

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