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A class at Barwick School (probably 1921).

A fascinating photograph of a class at a time when Barwick was mainly a farming community. Following an appeal for information on the photograph we heard from Dorothy Hague, who lived in the village for 90 years until recently, who now lives in Harrogate. Mrs Hague identified herself in the photograph and tells us:

"I lived and was born in Chapel Lane Barwick-in-Elmet for 90 years and left in April 2007. I was at my son's looking at the Barwick Historical Society web site and was surprised to see the picture of the Barwick Infants School children. I recognised my self, the one in the front row with the bow in my hair, in the light coloured dress. The teacher was Miss Garbutt, who lived at Hook Moor corner and cycled to Barwick to teach every day. I believe the picture to be taken in circa 1921. I also recognised most of the class. The ones I remember are, Ivy Noble, Nora Lovett, Peggy Cooper, Tommy Tennant, Dougie Green (nurse Green's son), the two Garbutt brothers from the New Inn pub, Dora Howlett, Hilda Robshaw, Jackie Jaques, Joe Robshaw, two Illingworth brothers, Willy Cooper, the Green sisters from Potterton, Ernest or Willie Pawson, Stan Goodall, Alice Hudson from Rakehill farm cottages, Dick Walton, Dorothy Nutton (me), Bobby Garbutt. This list is in random order. I think there are only one or two of us still living."

What a good example of the power of the internet! We hope that descendants of some of the children listed by Dorothy will also find this photograph.
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