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 This information is provided by the Barwick in Elmet Historical Society.
As more recordings are made we will expand our selection.

Note. If you would like to know how locals speak in the village it will be well worth it.

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  • Bob Hewitt, who was a native of Barwick-in-Elmet, talks about the local 'twang' and about Yorkshire accents in general. Bob died in December 2003. Recorded in September 2000. (Down load time about 5 minutes)

  • Bob Hewitt reminisces about his life in the village and that of his father and grandfather before him.
    Recorded in September 2000. Bob's reminiscences
  • "Listen to Barwick Green (in various formats)". This tune is the signature tune of the long-running radio show. When you visit the BBC site grit your teeth and ignore the mis-pronunciation of Barwick "The Archers". Find out why it applies to Barwick-in-Elmet..
  • "Barwick Church's bells". This recording was made on 30th October 2004 when a peel was rung to celebrate the 400th year of the oldest bell in the tower.
  • Recordings of discussions held by members describing how the way of life has changed in their lifetime.
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