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The Church


Memorabilia made from church wood in 1850's

Copy of the "The Parish Church" and other notes by George E Kirk 1933
- with extra illustrations and list of Rectors updated to April 2008

Photographs (taken in 2008) of the pre-Norman stone cross fragments

Publications in The Barwicker:
Vol PageThe Church 
20 71The Rectory in 1764
37 18The Rector Complains
40 63Rev. Frederick Selincourt Colman
33 10William Lort Mansel
19 43George Plaxton. Barwick Rector
34 25A Great Pluralist
33 Some Varieties of Rectors
38 30John Irvine Curate & Schoolmaster
35 52In Search of Rector Hope
57 8Rector Harvey
24 68James Gray Rector of Barwick
26 23Canon Gray Remembered
48 74William Canon A Fifteenth Century Barwick Priest
52 70 Catholic Worship in Barwick
54 32Bathurst's Psalms and Hymns
55 46A New Peal of Bells at Barwick Church
58 36Richard Pace Rector of Barwick (1519)
59 48"A Convenient Move" (alterations to the Church)
60 63My Life and the Parish Church by Raymond Collett
61 18A Beautiful Statuette
61 14Bone and Stone
62 35Reverend Timothy Bright Doctor, Author and Inventor of Shorthand
67 58Timothy Bright Revisited by WJ Carlton
63 43Just a lump of Stone
64 63Reverend Roger Wild Rector of the Parish 1993-2001
64 75John Clyfton'The Prisoners' Friend'
66 23Enigmatic England. The Duchy of Lancaster
68 66The Saxon Stone Mystery
68 70Thomas Stanley Rector and Bishop
70 35Life in Barwick Rectory in the 1820s by the Rev. WH Bathurst
72 63Dr John Scot - a 'wholly unworthy' Rector
72 70Rev. Herbert Lovell Clark - Rector of Barwick
77 6Life in Barwick Parish in 1900 
79 52Recording All Saint's Church by Ann Gosnay 
81 3Four Curates of Barwick-in-Elmet by Arthur Bantoft
82 32The Rector and the Maypole (Rev. Norman Butcher - written in the early 1960's)
83 43Reverend Norman Butcher Part 1 by Martin Tarpey
84 74Reverend Norman Butcher Part 2 by Martin Tarpey
84 72Barwick cries "Hands off our Rectory Estate!" from the Yorks. Evening News
87 50Life in Barwick Parish in 1935
86 31St. Philip's - The old Chapel by Arthur Bantoft Part 1
88 65St. Philip's - The old Chapel by Arthur Bantoft Part 2
89 12"A Great Storm 1894 - All Saints Church Damaged" by David Teal
92 75Brunel James, the final Rector of Barwick-in-Elmet with Scholes?by Martin Tarpey
97 16Andrew John Nicholson, Priest
99 49Parish Burial Records by Peter Styles
101 16An Ancient Mystery: Solved or Created by Martin Tarpey
10415Mystery Stone by Martin Tarpey
10508The Gascoigne Memorials in All Saints Church by Adam White
10705The Churchyard Gang by Martin Tarpey
109 04 The Mystery of the Gascoigne Tomb. A Curious Tale ‐ Martin Tarpey
111 11Where is William Dawson’s Gravestone? ‐ David Teal
112 09Reverend Robert Deane B.D. ‐ Martin Tarpey
113 06 Memorial Inscriptions - David Teal
12297The Union Flag ‐ Colin Bond
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