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The society does not have an active family history function. However in order to help those who have ancestors from the parish of Barwick-in-Elmet and wish to research their family history there are several places which may help.

The parish registers date from 1653 and there are some transcripts dating from 1600 covering some of the period before 1660. The registers up to 1812 and the transcripts, along with some wills and tombstone inscriptions existing in the graveyard shortly before 1908, were published in "Wills, Registers and Monumental Inscriptions of the Parish of Barwick-in-Elmet, Co. York" ed. G D Lumb 1908.
A facsimile of this book is now available on-line. It can be searched for any word which appears in the book and all entries found are "bookmarked" for easy access.

Parish Burial records up to 2004 are on this site Our thanks to the work of churchwarden, Colin Bond, you are now able to access the parish burial records form 1813 into the current century.See burial records

You may find it useful to check the parish records of Garforth which has an online copy of their records up to 1812.

The parish registers after 1812 are held in the West Yorkshire Archives.

From time to time the society has been contacted by individuals researching their family history and a number have agreed to act as co-ordinating researchers for their family name(s). While we do not have frequent contact with the persons listed we have listed their email when we were last contacted by them.

NameFamily NamesContactArticles on the family
Rene Dussome
(Calgary Canada)
The following families:
  • Addiman
  • Armitage
  • Barker
  • Lumb
  • Morritt
Rene Dussome -
Michael HeatonHeaton Michael Heaton -
Roger Jowett The following families:
  • Jowett
  • Appleyard
  • Bean
  • Butler
  • Dungwith
Roger Jowett -
Suzanne LeakKirkSuzanne LeakTommy Kirk
Fred ReedReedFred Reed -
Carolyn Solomon Richardson

Also interested in
  • Warrington of Barwick, Cawood and Sherburn,
  • Foster of Barwick,
  • Robshaw of Barwick,
  • Dykes of Bramham,
  • Thompson of Barwick
Pauline RobsonBowes Family History Pauline Robson -
Alan Thompson Thompson Alan Thompson -
Carol Varley Varley and Tillotson Carol Varley The Varley tree is on line Come check it out.
Andy VeversVevers Family History Andy VeversThe Vevers Family of Scholes and Potterton
Alex. WallThe following families:
  • Pinder
  • Braithwaite
  • Perkin
Alex Wall -
Carol MyersWilby family history Carol Myers -

If you have extensive records for your family who have lived in Barwick-in-Elmet and are willing to act as a co-ordinating researcher, please let us know.

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